Are we scared to live better lives?

The only thing that has significantly changed in my life is which Netflix show I’ve been binge watching. I have fallen into routine.

I’ve had an itch in the middle of my back for weeks now gnawing at me. I am so uncomfortable with how content I am doing the same damn thing, every day.

Wake up, eat, work, eat, workout, eat, Netflix, sleep. What a tragedy.

Why should I be uncomfortable with being content? Shouldn’t I be happy? I mean, I’m not exactly struggling. Then again, how could I struggle when I’m not even living?

I’m not challenging myself day in and day out to do more and be better. I didn’t wake up this morning and say, “I want to do something different.” I woke up this morning and did the same thing I did every other day. What a disservice to myself to do the same things every day, and then live vicariously through a screen. Is this Millennial adulthood? Should I have listened to my parents when they always yelled at me to play outside?! Am I lazy? Why don’t I put myself out there to do more things?

The only thing that’s changed is that I’m now living vicariously through Samin Nosrat by watching her Netflix show: SALT, FAT, ACID, HEAT. Watching her cook and eat her way through some of the coolest and most unique food situations has reminded me of how many things there are in the world to try and how many incredible people there are to meet. She embodies an appreciation for experience. While being an expert in all things food, she is taking herself out of her comfort zone to embrace new perspectives, ways of life, and people. Why would I ever want to miss out on something like that? I mean, there’s so many people around me, but still I walk around with my headphones in minding my own business rather than being curious about people.

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot; why would I want to miss out on any experience or person around me? The answer has become crystal clear. I am scared.

I am scared of not fitting in. I’m scared that it will be hard. I’m scared that I’ll step outside of my comfort zone and wish I could step back in only to realize that I can’t, and I’ll continue to struggle until I spiral out of control and hit rock bottom. Where I stand now, I’m safe. I am safe in my routine. When I step outside, anything can happen. What if that ruins me?

Stepping out of our comfort zone is like falling in love. It’s scary, you don’t feel prepared, and when you jump in you know that it could destroy you. But, here’s the thing, you jump in anyway because you know life is better when you’re in love. Life is best when we’re continuously falling in love with it. The only way to fall in love with life is to step out of routine and jump into experience.

As some of my readers know, I’m fairly adventurous. I’ve moved to third world countries, I’ve swam with hammerheads, and done a lot of borderline reckless activities. I’ve lived a full life for someone who’s only 23. So how could it possibly be that I’m scared of putting myself out there to live a full life again when I know how incredible it feels?

Honestly, every single time I’ve lived my life to the fullest it was spawned out of adversity. I moved to Nepal because I dropped out of school. I swam with sharks because I was terrified of drowning. In these situations, I stepped out of my comfort zone because I couldn’t stand how I was feeling in that situation anymore. Now, I’m challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone not because I need to, but because I want to.

I’ve decided that I’m going to be more present to the world around me and start enjoying the things I’ve been missing. I’m going to talk to different people at work. I’m going to try a new lunch spot and ask someone new to tag along. I’m going to ask people about their hobbies and ask them to bring me along so that I can see passion in action. I want to try new things every week and learn about more things in my community. I will care more about doing more.

We only one have one life. When I’m on my deathbed, I don’t want to look back and say, “I worked too hard and I didn’t live enough.” I want to look back and say, “Damn, I’m so passionate about life. Look what I created doing what I love every day.” Maybe the secret to life isn’t success, maybe it’s building your life around what makes you happy.

The best life I could live is one that is more connected to others. I don’t want to live alone, living through my screen. I want to walk down the street and meet a new person. I want to try new things and discover more about the world. The only way I can achieve this is stepping outside of my comfort zone and reaching out to more people to do more things.

So, I leave this article with two simple questions. What do you like to do? and what have you always wanted to do? I want to try it.

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